Musical Needs LLC

Promoting Original Bands

I. Objective(s): to entice original, copy or tribute bands musicians or entertainers with original music to sign on as members with Musical Needs LLC with the intention of promoting the band/musician/entertainer/actor to A & R Reps/Record Labels/Studios/Managers/casting director and/or Agencies and customers wanting to buy/purchase or bid on your service, CD or paraphernalia. A site that will allow band/musicians/entertainers/actors to put pictures, audio clips, a resume and video clips of themselves on our web site. Also a page where the bands/musicians/entertainers/actors can put down his or her desire of the type of music genre or entertainment they classify them self to be in (rock, jazz, funk, hip-hop, etc). A web site that will allow a potential customer(s) or buyer(s) to hire, contract or sign the band/musician/entertainer/actors. Musical Needs LLC will request a yearly annual fee from its members.

II. Musical Needs LLC will in turn make available to potential buyers free access to any band/musician/entertainer/actor who has signed on with Musical Needs LLC for their interest or hire.

III. Band/musician/entertainer/actor must have a PayPal account ( in order to sign on. Musical Needs LLC will require a one time set up fee of $25.00 and a semi-annual fee of $30.00 or an annual fee of $50.00 to sign up and have complete use of Musical Needs LLC web site to advertise their commodities, paraphernalia and update their résumé’s, bio’s & pictures (this is subject to change with a 30 day notice). All potential members who sign up before July 1st, 2008 will receive a lifetime membership for only $50.00 upon registering with Musical Needs LLC.

IV. Upon employment or signing on for a record label or contract for a gig with either an agency, record label, A & R Rep, Management or potential hiring customer, we at Musical Needs LLC will inform you, the band/musician/entertainer/actor of a customers interest in your act(s). If your act wins the bid to perform we will then charge your existing PayPal account 5% of the gross. If you do not win the bid or contract, there is no charge. Like wise if you obtain a contract for recording contract, Musical Needs LLC is entitled to 5% of the gross of record company’s front monies offered to you the band or individual. We will act on your behalf as management after consulting directly with you. This latter venture we highly suggest the use of a qualified Entertainment Lawyer before signing any contract offered by any record label.

V. Any commodities, CD’s or paraphernalia sold off of our web site at Musical Needs LLC, we will be entitled to 20% of the gross off of any of these items sold. (This is including PayPal’s fee, which will require a small percentage of the sale of your commodity, CD and paraphernalia items sold through Musical Needs LLC, which we will pay.)

VI. Band/musician/entertainer/actor will have a way to upload any and all of their information to Musical Needs LLC after registering and signing up with Musical Needs LLC. However Musical Needs LLC will not allow or cater to those aspiring to entertain or be involved in any adult films, X rated music, montage or videos. Your membership will be revoked if involved in any X Rated videos, photos, lyrics or advertising of any commodities and/or material(s). All pending material entered on our web site will be screened by Musical Needs LLC.

VII. As a registered member you will always have access to update your resume, montage, CD’s, paraphernalia and video clips or any and all necessary information for the potential buyer to contact you, or for you to sell your wares.

VIII. Musical Needs LLC is a site where you can sell your CD’s, & Paraphernalia, this is where you get 80% of the profit and we make 20% off of any sales you get off of this site. The band/musician/entertainer/actor is responsible for warehousing and mailing of all CD’s, commodities, materials & paraphernalia when Musical Needs LLC receives an order for your merchandise. The band/ musician/entertainer/actor is automatically charged 20% off of your PayPal account when the sale is made. You, the band/musician/entertainer/actor will receive an E-mail from Musical Needs LLC with a notice to mail out the requested item at your cost.

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