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I. Object: to entice fledgling actors to sign on as members with Musical Needs LLC with the intention of promoting the actor to casting directors and/or acting agencies. A site that will allow actors to put pictures, a montage and video clips of themselves on our web site. Also a page where the actor can put down his or her desire of the type of acting they prefer to be in (film, video, or theatre). A web site that allows a potential customer or buyers to hire the actor for their needs. Musical Needs LLC will request a monthly, quarterly or a yearly annual fee from its members.

II. Musical Needs LLC will in turn make available to potential buyers free access to any actor who has signed on with Musical Needs LLC.

III. Actors must have a valid credit card in order to sign on and there will be a one time set up fee of $25.00 and a monthly, quarterly or an annual fee TBD to sign up and have complete use of Musical Needs LLC web site to advertise their commodities and update their résumé’s, bio’s & pictures.

IV. Upon employment with either an agency, casting director or theatre, whether a bit part or principal part, we ask that you notify Musical Needs LLC of your employment so we may encourage others on our site that indeed casting directors & agencies view our web site to find the talent of their needs.

V. Actors will have a way to upload any and all of their information to Musical Needs LLC after registering and signing up with Musical Needs LLC. However Musical Needs LLC will not allow or cater to those aspiring to entertain or be involved in any adult films or video’s. Your membership will be revoked if involved in any X Rated films, video’s, photos, or advertising.

VI. As a registered member you will always have access to update your resume, montage and video clips or any and all necessary information for the potential buyer to contact you.

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